Saturday, September 22, 2012

Buried in Scraps!

Each year I make a "summary" quilt with bits and pieces from my projects throughout the year.  To be fair, since I've been at this for less than two years I've only made one of these.  But I have plans to make another for 2012 projects.  Anyway, to this end I tend to save every scrap of fabric.  Now, I really only create one block for each project so I don't need all that many scraps.  But it seems like I can't throw them away.  While I was going through my scrap basket this year I thought, "Any sane person would just throw most of these in the trash!"  But did I?  No. 

So today I stumbled upon this blog post:

I really don't remember how I got there.  A click here, a click there, something catches your eye and then, there you are.  This post gives recommended sizes to cut your scraps into.  Then if a piece is too small for any of those  So, I've resolved to do this.  My next organization project will be to cut and organize my scraps and throw away the left overs.   Amen.

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  1. Have you come across Bonnie Hunter's scrap system? I'll send you the link, you might find it helpful.