Saturday, September 15, 2012

Book #4 1/2: The Sting of Success

Wednesday I was stuck in the waiting room of a doctor's office and very bored.  Then I remembered that my smart phone had an Amazon Kindle app with a few books on it including The Sting of Success by Luke Maucione.  This is more of a short story so I feel like I'm cheating to include it as a whole book for my reading goal, hence the "4 1/2" designation.  The book is only available in electronic form at the above link.  It's a quick read and a clever, if slightly dark, plot.  I'm especially fond of this work since the author is my nephew. 
The Sting of Success

I enjoyed the story and the ending and it was the first time I've read a published work by someone I know! Way to go Luke!!

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