Friday, May 18, 2012

New Pig Travels: London and Edinburgh

Last year I made my first trip outside of North America when I went on a cruise with my sister and her son and his wife.  We had a great time and thought that perhaps we could try to go on a sister trip each year. So this year we decided to go to England and Scotland.  We spent two nights in London and four nights in Edinburgh.  Since neither of us is an experienced world traveler, everything was an adventure.  The trip allowed me to see things I had never seen before, to have some extended sister time and to absorb the differences of another country and it's own distinct culture.  There was so much to "learn" from the new currency to how to ride a train (believe it or not, the only trains I had ridden before this were subway/metro types or tourist trains) to what marmet is (more about that later).  I'm going to write about this in several posts, mostly because it is too much to put into one.  And I took a lot of "bad" vacation pictures to share.  The weather was pretty terrible - rainy and cloudy just about every day - making the pictures even worse than normal - but you know how I feel about pictures. I had a faithful pig companion with me the whole time - two in fact - but this is the only picture I got of them. 
The "pig thing" is explained here.  For the record, this is Smokey (the little darker pig) and Smiley.  Smiley actually was a stow away put into my suitcase by my husband.  We're never too old to appreciate a touch of home when we're away.


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