Thursday, May 31, 2012

Quilting Update

I haven't forgotten about quilting.  I'm just a bit occupied the past few months with travel and summer yard work and such.  I'm presently trying to finish up two quilts.  One is a Wizard of Oz quilt that I hope to send to a college roommate of mine.  I lived in a house that was divided into two apartments.  Four girls lived in one and four in the other....all friends.  Recently we gathered for a 35 year reunion of sorts at a local restaurant.  This was the first time we had 100% turn out!  We passed around pictures - old ones from "back in the day" and more recent ones of our families.  I was reminded how one of the girls and I often dressed up as characters from the Wizard of Oz for Halloween.  One year we were both munchkins!  Anyway, I hope to send her this quilt when I get it finished.

The second quilt I'm trying to finish is a dog quilt.  My husband picked out a fabric panel well over a year ago and I've added to it with dog houses, bones and a few pictures of our sweet Golden Retriever. 

Both of them are pinned.  The Wizard just needs a bit more quilting and a binding.  If I'm lucky I'll have them both done before we head out for the beach!  I hope to bring a hand sewing project to the beach with me for the evenings....maybe my yo-yo stuff.  I want to make a table runner out of yo-yos.  So, if I can get them cut and gather up the supplies I'll take that along.

Hopefully they'll be pictures to post soon!

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