Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Some Winkie Backstory

Here's Winkie in Las Vegas:

Winkie is our little pig friend.  I would explain how the pig thing got started, but just trust me to say that it's one of those private joke things between a couple that never quite is understandable to others.  Our thought was to take Winkie on our trips and take his picture at different locations that we visit.  We first came up with this idea last year when we visited Hawaii.   Here is Winkie at a beautiful beach on the Big Island:

They look the same, right?  That's the wonders of modern manufacturing.  Unfortunately this Winkie was left behind!  After we took this picture we gathered our belongings and returned to the car.  The road to this beach was through a rather rough lava field (probably not a road we were supposed to take in the rental car).  It wasn't until we were back to the main road that we realized that we left Winkie behind!!  I'd like to think that he is enjoying the sun and surf and living the life of a beach bum.  Once we got home I felt obligated to replace him (thank goodness for eBay!!) and hence, we now have Winkie II. 

We haven't been too faithful with the picture thing, but we try.  I'm hoping to take him to Europe with me in June.  Hopefully I'll remember to bring him home!

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