Thursday, May 3, 2012

My First Online Comment!!

Mark this day on the calendar!  I've received my first online comment!  I know I've complained about the lack of dialogue on this blog (or maybe whined is a better word) but it has finally happened!  Thank you so much Heirloom Creations!  This is one of my favorite sites for inspiration and information.  They are presently doing a "foot of the month" series that I really like.  Each month they highlight a different foot showing the different things you can use it for.  I've added a few of them to my "wish list" and actually want to plan projects that will let me try some of the techniques.  The link above is to the blog, but the site includes a lot of other features including an online store.

Thanks again, Heirloom and I'm looking forward to the adaptations to make the 1600 quilt in different sizes!

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