Thursday, April 21, 2011

Diet Check In

I had forgotten that sometimes a busy schedule works in my favor as far as weight control goes.  The activity sometimes makes me less aware of being hungry and the busy schedule keeps me distracted from food.  Add to that the nervous energy that travel creates for me and I more than balance out the dietary indiscretions.  So even though I indulged with sorbet, french toast, stuffed shells, cake with whipped cream icing, donuts, a gigantic muffin, wine and sweet potato fries, in the end I managed to maintain and even lose slightly.  If I'm reading my analog scale correctly I am now at 138.  I have two more pounds to go to reach my six month goal and nine more weeks to accomplish it.  I'm feeling good about this weight lose project.

I still have a few challenges in those weeks, though:  two graduations, a wedding and all that goes with it (bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, house guests) and a seven day cruise.  To balance that I have a long hike up Old Rag and several excursions during the cruise along with again, the nervous energy of travel.  Here's hoping I keep my balance!

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