Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The First Big Challenge

Well, I've passed my first challenge since starting my diet.  I had a week of company with special meals and meals out and have managed to keep the scale under 140.  There was only one meal in particular where I felt like I over ate.  We went to a Mexican restaurant and by the time I worked through the chips and my meal, I was overstuffed.  The weekend also included more wine and desserts than usual.  The biggest problem I found was that my tastes seemed to reset themselves toward the sweet, fatty side of things.  Now I have to get back to a more normal diet.  I was able to keep up with my daily walks although some of them were shorter than usual.  But our activities included a lot of walking.  My favorite of the weekend was a visit to the Museum of American Frontier Culture.  There was quite a bit of walking involved there.  It was a nice warm day so we also got to ride in my new car with the top down!  On the way home we stopped for soft serve ice cream at our favorite place.  The flavor of the week was Oreo.

Next challenge:  a long weekend to Las Vegas!

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