Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Goodbye to My Dad's Saw

My Dad died when I was 19 - that's 34 years ago.  One of the items that came my way was his table saw.

I've moved this saw around with me for all those years.  The sound of it when it's turned on and the smell of the sawdust still bring me back to years gone by when my Dad was working in his shop.  The base was made with the help of my brother.  The draw was fashioned to hold the sawdust.  The saw holds many memories for me.  But the practical side of me realizes that it is an awful large memento.  And it is so easy for our possessions to begin to own our lives.  About two years ago I decided that I could let this saw go.  I tried several avenues to sell it.  I set it out first at a yard sale with a high price tag ($500) figuring that for that price, I could part with the memory.  In fact I could hear my Dad encouraging it's sale for that kind of money!  I didn't even get an offer.  I set it out again for $100.  Still no inquires.  I called the local auction house to see if they would add it to the next auction, but to do this for one item is really difficult especially since I don't have a vehicle that can fit the saw and would need it picked up.  I was talking to my brother a few months ago about the saw (this is the brother who helped make the table and who has used this saw many times in his life).  He decided that he would like to have the saw.  So in a few weeks he will be taking it to his home.  Somehow that makes me feel better - that it is still staying in the family.  But, truth be told, once my siblings and I pass on, the next generation has no memories attached to this and it will just be one more thing to figure out how to dispose of.  

I"m glad that I had the saw for all those years.  I've learned since then that holding onto a few things helps during the times of grief and each year you feel a little more able to let go of items. I'll always have the picture and the memories.  Those are easy enough to hold onto and cherish for the rest of my days.

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