Monday, April 4, 2011

Fabric Stores Near Me

I've been traveling to fabric stores in my area in search of just the right prints for my quilt projects.  I'm going to summarize them here, mostly for me since I still have an audience of zero.  (Not to whine, but I don't even have spam comments)

Patchwork Plus:  This store has a nice collection of quilt fabrics and a knowledgeable staff.  It's organized and easy to navigate.

Ragtime Fabrics:  They carry all kinds of fabrics but you have to sort of search.  Parking can be difficult here.
Added 12/17/12: This has become my very favorite store.  The parking issue is minor compared to the friendliness of the staff.  I feel welcomed and included in this store.  There is such a nice, helpful, friendly atmosphere.  Prices are great.  They carry Baby Lock sewing machines and one will be under the tree for me this year!

Rachel's Quilt Patch:  I love this store.  It's in an old train depot building which gives it real charm.  They carry a nice collection of fabrics and have a very pleasant staff. I found the store inspiring in so many ways.  And they have an adorable store cat.

Valley Fabrics:  This store (sorry no web site)  had the most complete collection of quilting fabrics yet.  I happened to go when they were having a great sale.  They had tons of novelty prints and basics like solid colors, stripes and checks.  They had a nice collection of homespuns and also carried some dressmaking fabrics.  Below the store is a bakery and a woman who has a long arm quilting service.  I went downstairs to talk to her, but didn't find her "home".  But I'm keeping this in mind in case I want to have someone else quilt my pieces.

Cottonwood:  This was another very nice store.  They have a good selection of quilting fabrics along with some wools and a few flannels.  The parking is good and the staff was friendly.

Jo Ann Fabrics:  This is a national chain.  They carry a variety of fabrics and tend to have more yardage of a particular fabric than the smaller stores.  They have good sales and convenient parking.

I'll add to this list as my travels broaden.

Addendum  (added 4/17/12):  In my year of blogging, the post that receives the most hits is my pirate quilt (I think because of the picture which comes up on image searches) and this is the second...although a FAR second.  So, I thought it was time to say where "near me" is.  These stores are all in the Shenandoah Valley area of Virginia, just in case anyone is looking for stores near where they live.  Over the year my favorite store has become Cottonwood.  That store draws me in and inspires me.  The staff is very helpful and they have the best loyalty program I have ever been a part of.  Happy quilting!

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