Sunday, August 10, 2014

Seamus: 2001-2014

Seamus, sweet beloved Golden Retriever, family member of Nina and her husband, died August 7, 2014 at the age of 13 from complications of a prostate mass, most likely, cancer.

He was born in the summer of 2001 to a family in rural Virginia, one of a very large litter.  He came to live with his busy household in the fall of that year and enjoyed the active, somewhat chaotic household of five.  He enjoyed lots of love from the entire household.  As a puppy he loved to chew T.V. remotes, eyeglasses and gloves; loved treats, roughhousing, climbing in the shower and being outside.  He tolerated the cats.  He hated crates, constraints and being alone.

As he grew older he became an avid hiker doing surrounding trails on a regular basis with Nina.  He especially was fond of hikes that ended at a waterfall and rewarded him with a swim in the cool water.  At the end of the hike he also enjoyed the traditional picnic before heading home.  They usually shared an apple and peanuts on a blanket before the drive back.

He loved all types of water from swimming pools and mountain lakes to the ocean and sound. He always stayed in control of the game of "retrieve" in the water by just not returning the stick or ball when he had enough of the game.

He loved to travel in the car.  He could tell when an adventure was forthcoming and would dance with excitement hoping that he was to be included in the ride.  He spent most of the trip with his head on the front console between his two people.

He loved Beggin' Strips and looked forward each morning to a ritual of being fed them in small pieces.  But he was always willing to share this special time with his doggie cousin, Jackie, taking turns being fed the special treat.

In his older age he became the ambassador of the neighborhood.  Daily walks were opportunities to greet two and four footed members of the area with a sniff and tail wag.  He brought a smile to the face of many people - most of whom were never known by name, but all of whom remembered him fondly.

He was a loyal and faithful companion to the very end.  While his passing has left his family with much sadness and tears, they are comforted in knowing that he lived a long and full life with them, even making them better humans along the way for having shared their lives and home.  He trusts that in time the sadness will fade and the wonderful warm memories of fun times they all shared will comfort them.



  1. Nina! My most sincere condolences go out to you and your family! What a touching and loving tribute you have written here. Again, and I am so sorry for your loss of Seamus!

  2. What a lovely tribute and obituary for a beloved family member. (((Hugs)))

  3. Ah, Nina, this is the post one never wants to write. I'm so sorry to hear of Seamus's passing. I know you loved him so and were such a good family for him. I remember that you added carpet to your stairs for his comfort and took him traveling with you. Your hearts will hurt for a while but remembering good times may bring a measure of comfort. Blessings to you and the rest of Seamus's family.

  4. I always hate it when dogs pass away. Mine doesn't have that many more years to go.

  5. You must be heartbroken to lose such a wonderful family member.

  6. Dear Nina, I'm sorry that your heart is aching - what a wonderful life he had with you. Take care, sweetie x

  7. so sad. My sincere condolences.