Thursday, October 11, 2012

Scrap Update

Recently, just before my beach trip,  I mentioned that I needed to get a handle on my scraps.  Well, I've been working toward that end, but have got a bit sidelined.  In general, I'm not attracted to totally random quilts.  I like there to be something that ties the elements together - some sort of organization or direction, I guess.  So as I was sorting through my scraps I began to separate them by color and also noticed that many of them were in stripes.  So, I'm trying my hand at a scrap quilt.  I only have the start of a plan and here's what I have so far:
Clearly, blue wins out so far as my most abundant scrap color.  So my thought is to finish my color blocks and then set them in a neutral background with a border made with a few other multicolored scraps.  I'm hoping not to buy any fabric for this project.  We'll see how my creative endeavor turns out.  This is NOT all my scraps mind you.  Some are being cut into blocks as I originally planned.  And from here on out I hope to always cut my scraps into planned sizes to be stored for future projects.  I promise. Honest. I mean it.  Without a doubt!  For real.  No kidding.


  1. The never ending fight with our scraps and what to do with them! I have just started randomly sewing together some of my strips, I have no idea where it will end up, but at least i feel like i'm wrestling some of them into order. : )

  2. I came to your blog from Lily's Quilts and her Small Blog Meet and I've been browsing your posts. Several caught my eye and if I have time I'll go back and leave comments on some of them. I, too, have a very small blog.

    Your color blocks make me think of the slab quilts that are shown in the book Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison. They use small pieces of fabric in the same color range to create larger blocks. Sometimes a whole quilt is the same color, other times there are several colors of blocks.

    I'm following your blog now and look forward to seeing what you decide to do with these strips.
    Nancy at joy for grace