Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Book #6: The Best of Me

Well, with the reading of this book I've reached by goal of reading six books in 2012.  I finished The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks about a week ago but our beautiful autumn weather has made for busy days.  This was the perfect beach book and I did indeed start it while on vacation.  The plot involves a couple who dated in high school but life took them in separate directions after that.  They reunite years later with the usual life complications that the years tend to bring.  The beginning of the book was a bit slow with the final 100 pages being the most engaging.

So, with my 2012 goal complete, I hope to continue reading.  In fact I have the next two books already picked out.  I'm thinking of setting the same goal for next year and continuing to keep track here just as added motivation.  

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  1. This isn't a book I've read, nor an author I've come across before, though the name seems a little familiar. I've just finished a book by Simon Brett, The Stabbing in the Stables, a gentle sort of whodunnit. And I'm in the middle of a book about mediaeval history. After that I've got a book about historical female sovereigns and a book by Bill Bryson lined up.