Friday, October 5, 2012

Llama Pillows for the Pirate

We have an 11 year old grandson - recipient of the pirate quilt who, for some reason decided to like llamas.  I know...huh?  Anyway, llama themed fabric, appliques, etc. are not that easy to come by.  Trust me, I've searched!  And don't try to sneak an alpaca in and call it a llama.  He knows the differences better than me. His interest in pirates continues, but llamas have taken center stage.  In addition he likes to share a pig interest with his Granddad.  Okay, let's make this a bit more complicated and add that he has taken a liking to the llama-duck song.  Curious minds can click here for the video of the song.  So, putting this all together I came up with this:

Pillow one front-
and back-
Pillow two front -
and back -

The red stripe reads, "quack, quack, quack, quack, oink."  After deciding that any llama applique pattern that I found was beyond my abilities, I chose to print the llama pictures on printable fabric, bond them to the pillow fabric and machine blanket stitch around the edges. So, we have all the themes of the moment (Which I'm sure will change in a matter of months!) - llamas, pigs, pirates and the llama-duck song! 

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