Sunday, January 22, 2012

My First Pillows

I had been wanting to try a few new techniques and I thought son #1 could use some pillows for his way too old and saggy sofa.  So I put those two things together and came up with this:
The green pillow is made from a burlap sack that pistachios came in.  I had two other similar sacks from basmati rice, but the ink on those ran so badly that the design was indistinguishable.  I was a little disappointed in that because I'm sure son #1 remembers the many meals made with that type of rice.  The blue pillow is made with small scraps and leftovers from my recent quilting projects.  They're stuffed with the filling from an old bed pillow (washed, of course).  The only things I bought for this were the cording to make the piping (that turned out to be so much easier than I anticipated) and some green thread for the topstiching on the green pillow. 

I love to "repurpose" stuff and I see a lot of potential here.  2011 was the year of the pillowcase and 2012 might be the year of the throw pillow.  I need to get better at hiding the stitching when I put the piping on and that crazy quilt technique is not as easy as it seems like it should be.  I found myself "stitched into a corner" more than once.  This offers a nice small project in between the quilts or when my block of time is too small for the next quilting step.

Now I need to find a box big enough to fit these for the trip to son #1.

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