Monday, January 23, 2012

Movie Review: The Rabbit Hole

When my husband travels I try to catch up on movies or TV shows that he doesn't care for.  He does the same.  We will both watch a wide range of movies with each other, although we reserve the right to sleep through some shows that are so NOT in our interest range.  And we reserve the right to an occasional "no thank you".  He uses his on "Dancing With the Stars".  I use mine for the worst or foulest of the shoot 'em up or sci fi movies.  Although I have sat through "The Walking Dead" this past season.

Anyway, last night I watched "The Rabbit Hole" with Nicole Kidman.  I had been ignoring this choice in my Netflix cue becuase the subject matter seemed so depressing.  It's about a couple who tragicly lost their 4 year old boy in an accident and how they both dealt with their grief.  I found it so well done that it should be included in classes on grief counseling.  It showed that there are good ways and not so good ways to deal with grief, that each person does it differently, that it never completely goes away, but does get better over time and that in the end you get through it just by doing the next thing, walking through life and sharing with those around you.  It's perhaps the most underratted movie I've watched in a long time.

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