Saturday, January 28, 2012

Book #1: I Will See You In Heaven

Well, I finally finished my first book of 2012.  It's really a short book that I should have read in an afternoon, but nonetheless, I've broken the ice on my book reading.  This book is by Friar Jack Wintz and theorizes on whether our pets will join us in heaven.  I know, not the best topic, but my husband thought it might give me comfort since I've commented often that I wish Seamus could be with us forever.  The picture on the cover alone is delightful.  And the theology was comforting as well as sound, at least in my opinion.

It's worth the read if you are a pet lover who has questioned this topic for yourself.  And apparently there are enough people interested in this that they are able to mass market the title. 

One down, five to go.  I really hope I can reestablish reading as a regular habit.

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