Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Blogging Ponderings

So, I've been a blogger for a while now and I've been a blog reader for even longer. Here are a few of my observations:

I often hit the "next blog" button to randomly look through blogs.  I've noticed that for some reason I seem to be directed to blogs of a certain type during any one viewing.  For instance, one time I may get a lot of blogs about music, or art, or  by Moms, or in a different language.  I wonder if the "next blog" is truly random or is somehow trying to discern my preferences.

I never stop at blogs that have not been updated in a long time.  And there are quite a few that fall in this category.  Apparently it's a lot easier to start a blog than it is to maintain a blog.

I don't linger on pages that play music.  I don't linger on pages that are so chock full of visual items that it makes me crazy.  I don't linger on pages that make the text difficult to read due to background/text color choices or size or style of fonts.

I like shortish posts or at least short paragraphs.  I don't often read long rambles. 

I'm not offended by four letter words, but I dislike posts that are more about the four letter words than about the content.  I understand that often these words ARE the appropriate adjective in a given situation, but, really folks,....do we need multiple f-words to get an idea across?

I like pictures.  I like short antedotes about life.  The blogs that I follow are often by someone who is a good writer and gives me a little glimpse into their life allowing me to relate in some way to the joys and frustrations we all face.

I seldom comment.  Perhaps I should comment more since I would appreciate some confirmation that my posts are being read.  It seems like most blogs have only a few followers and I wonder if these followers somehow are acquainted with the blogger in "real life" or have an association through some internet activity like gaming or auctions.  I wonder if the purely "internet community" still exists. 

I'm enjoying having this place to put down my thoughts and I'm still waiting and hoping for some small amount of traffic past my virtual door.

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