Sunday, March 27, 2011

Searching for THE Dress

I finally found my "mother of the groom" dress for an upcoming wedding.  This is so tied in with my weight and self image issues that it's hard to separate the two.  We've already established that I live most of my life socially invisible, but for a wedding your fashion choices and looks become immortalized in photos that will live on even after you're long gone.  While I continue to try to get my weight down, the reality of the situation is that my appearance will be much the same as what it is now.  So that leaves me with choosing the most flattering choice I can.  My goal has been sort of classic and understated.  I found a nice dress this weekend with a matching jacket that fills those qualifications.  My only concern is the lack of sleeves in the dress, but for pictures at least I'll have the jacket on.  It's a sliver/grey color which I also like.  Sizing continues to be a mystery to me.  I had to go up two sizes in the dress to have the right fit at the hips but will have to have the shoulder area altered to fit properly.  I was starting to think that I was even bigger than I imagined when I tried on a pair of pants.  These, in a size smaller than the dress, fit fine at the hips and are way big at the waist.  My husband encouraged me to also have these altered to fit properly.  I'm not as sure about them as him, but I got one pair and will see what happens with the alterations.

So, now the search for shoes begins.  At least shoe sizes don't make me feel bad about my size!

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