Monday, March 14, 2011

Dieting Pitfalls

I've been cruising along pretty good on my diet resolutions until this past week.  I've read that some foods have an addictive combination of salt, fat and sugar that make it more difficult for us to resist.  I think I may have found that combination recently in a Domino's pizza.  My preference is a plain cheese pizza or maybe some veggie toppings.  I dislike the meat toppings, so that is in my favor.  My husband and I ordered a half meatza/half cheese pizza but I inadvertently ordered a thin crust.  This turned out to be in my favor, diet-wise since I ate way too much!  AND I found myself going back a few hours later to eat still more.  My husband was not thrilled with the meatza side in the thin crust so a few pieces from that half are still in the frig waiting to be thrown away.

I followed that diet indiscretion two days latter with an indulgent choice at a local restaurant.  I'm not a fan of regular french fries, but this place makes the most awesome sweet potato fries.  The plate came piled with fries, pulled pork, coleslaw and sauteed zucchini.  Everything was great and while I didn't clean my plate, I did eat way more than my usual portions of all.  To make it worse, we ordered appetizers and the calamari was also hard to resist.  I kept the beverage to water, so maybe I should give myself points for that.

So, now I'm trying to get back on course.  I cooked some chicken breasts at lunch today and ate it over a modest salad.  I guess that's a start towards re-balancing.  I'm almost afraid to check my weight on the scale after my recent disappointment at the doctor's office.  My goals have been modest and to stay on course I need to weight 135 by June 30.   One real challenge to that goal will be a cruise that I'm taking with my sister in mid June!  Hopefully all the walking during our excursions will balance the glut of food that I hear so much about.  And really, I believe that for a diet to be successful, the lifestyle changes have to be sustainable.  It's not uncommon to eat more in certain situations as long as they do not occur on a regular basis.  Life would be sort of boring without awesome sweet potatoe fries, pizza and the splurg of a meal out.

Balance, balance, balance!!

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