Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rag Quilt for My Winter

I'm not sure if this is "quilting" or "sewing" but I've always wanted to make one of these rag quilts and having a new little one (my little Winter) around gave me the perfect excuse.  I made it out of flannel without batting.  It also gave me an excuse to use my Accuquilt Go.  I feel a little guilty that I don't use this more often.  This seemed like a perfect project.  The die cuts both the square and the fringe so that once you sew the pieces together, you're done.  There was enough fabric left over to make a matching pillow.

Even with a project this simple there were a few lessons to learn.
  • Using the die cutter didn't guarantee that each square was the same size.  The fabrics responded differently to the process of going through the press resulting in some small differences in size.  It didn't matter too much in this project though.
  • Having the fringe precut was a time saver in the end but it did make it a bit more difficult to line up the pieces and sew the rows together.
  • Between the larger seam allowances and the shrinkage my final piece was considerably smaller than it looked on the design wall.
  • All pinks are not created equal.  I ended up buying several pieces of fabric that just plain didn't go with each other.
I'm hoping Winter finds this to be a snuggly little blankie and pillow to snuggle up with.  Her Nana would be glad to make some more.

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  1. Beautiful, Nina. Funny about measurements, I took part in a low volume charm swap recently and was amazed at how different the 5" squares were and when sewn together, sometimes I lost 1/8". Your quilt looks none the worse ... so pretty :)