Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ohio: Home to Pencil Sharpeners and Washboards

We've been traveling again.  This time we spent a few days in the Hocking Hills area of Ohio with some family members.  We visited one of the many, many state parks and had time to take in a few other unusual sites.

This area of the state is home to the Pencil Sharpener Museum!?!?  3479 pencil sharpeners, no duplicates all in one place.  The husband felt misled because some of the sharpeners were the same shape but different colors.  The pictures on the link above can show you the inside displays better than my pictures, but here are a few from my camera just to show that I was truly there:

On the way home we visited the Columbus Washboard Company.  This was a surprising find.  The factory has been making washboards continuously since the early 1900s.  They have a small store right next to the factory.  You can walk through the factory and see just how these washboards are made.  In addition, they were very dog friendly and let Seamus visit also, showered him with love and treats and gave him a bag of treats for the road!  I came home with a washboard/corkboard for my sewing room.  The "washing" part is cork so it can be used to post things.  It's a nice, usable reminder of a fun trip.


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  1. You all visit the most interesting places Nina! How on earth do you find out about them? LOL