Monday, May 5, 2014

New Bird in Town (or at least in my backyard!)

After being away for more than a week we had some "catching up" to do around the house.  Top on the list is always: water the plants and fill the bird feeders.  A lot of the trees are now growing, the grass is thick and full and flowers are breaking through the soil.  But the first thing I noticed when I looked outside was a new bird!  I haven't managed to catch him with my camera yet, but here is an image I found online of a beautiful tree swallow:
There are at least two in yard.  I think they are either nesting in one of my boxes or in a nearby tree.  The color is brilliant! One of the birds spends a lot of time perched on a hook near a birdhouse that I originally put up hoping to attract bluebirds.  When I read up about these tree swallows it mentioned that they are attracted to the same areas as bluebirds - so maybe they're staying in the box.  I don't have solid proof of that yet.

I put some dried meal worms out near where I often see them perched hoping that they would like them and accept my "token of friendship".  It would be great if they became "regulars."


  1. How beautiful ... wouldn't those colours look great in a quilt? Thanks for sharing, Nina - hope they pose for you later in the week :)

  2. the only beautiful birds that ever come in my backyard are cardinals. By the time I find my camera, they fly away.