Monday, April 21, 2014

MY Whisper Blocks!

I've finished quilting and trimming the whisper blocks that were made from the picture I choose for our whisper block challenge at quilt guild.  For anyone new to this idea, we worked in groups of five.  Each person provided a picture which was passed to another member of the group.  That person interpreted the picture into a block which was then passed to a second person.  They in turn interpreted this block into another block.  This was repeated for a total of four blocks.  Just to be clear, the person organizing this made sure that the order of sewists for each picture varied.  In other words, the block that I made was passed to a different person each time so that we were not always interpreting the same person's block.  If you've read the other posts, particularly the most recent one you'll understand why I wanted to point that out once you see this group.

I provided this picture:
Person #1 made this:

Person #2 made this:
She told me that was a Frisbee and the blue on the left side is a splash where the dog has run out of the picture.

Now.....hold on to your hats because here comes the big transition...........

Person #3 made this:
She thought the Frisbee was a goldfish.

So, that resulted in person #4 making this:
I was supposed to sew these together into one composite quilt but I just couldn't.  So they are all sewn in such a way that with a very little alteration they can be made into separate pillows.  I intend to put a single hanging sleeve alone the back so that they can hang as one for our show and then latter I can make them into separate items.

I used to work for a large organization and we were always having in-services on communication.  This project would make a great illustration of one of the popular communication adages:  "Real communication is ALWAYS a miracle."


  1. Ha! With the photograph it's hard to see how it could all go so wrong, especially the second person leaving out the dog altogether!

  2. Person #1's block is amazing! Not so much the others (in my opinion). If I were in your situation, it would take me a while to decide what to do with these. I couldn't sew them together into a quilt. Maybe I would turn the last three into a baby quilt and add more blocks to go with it. What an interesting challenge.