Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Quilt for Russia

A long while back I mentioned that my quilt guild had been issued a challenge by our sister guild in Russia.  They provided us with some Russian fabric and we were to make small quilts that expressed our view of their country incorporating the fabric.  We in turn gave them fabric from this country and they are making quilts of their view of the USA.  They will be sending their quilts to us in time for our June show and both sets will be displayed side by side.  Then our quilts will be sent on to the Russian guild. 

I see Russia as a grey country - hence the grey boarders.  But the people seem to fill it with so much color.  The blocks are red square, nesting dolls, babushka kerchiefs and onion dome buildings.  The red and green flowered fabric is the Russian fabric.  Here's a few close ups:

I had a lot of fun with this project using my decorative stitches in several places and metallic thread on the domes.  I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the collection.


  1. What an absolutely charming quilt! I love your interpretation, especially "Red Square!" What a neat idea for your guild to have a sister guild in another country!

  2. This is a gorgeous quilt, Nina. I hope it goes to a Russian lady to have in her home and is not hung somewhere where no one will love and enjoy it for her very own. I think you are very creative.

  3. Your 'Red Square' made me smile this morning after a rather poorly night, and your whole quilt is so cheerful that the grey borders are quite swallowed up. I do hope that it is actually like that in Russia.

  4. I love it! What clever interpretation ... It's brilliant and they're going to love it too. Fascinating challenge - looking forward to seeing what comes back :)