Monday, August 5, 2013

To Russia With Love

My local quilting guild has become acquainted with a local guild in Russia and recently we had a visit from one of their members (...who happens to have a daughter living in this area and is a new member of our guild). 

This year the Russian guild sent us a collection or Russian fabric with a challenge to create a small wall quilt that represents our impression of Russia.  Participation is totally voluntary.  The quilts will be displayed here and then be sent together to the Russian guild.  At first I didn't take any fabric because I had absolutely NO ideas of how to represent my idea of Russian with fabric.  I think my experiences in art class as a child had my mind totally frozen.  But, after I went home, the ideas started to flow and now I actually have several.  So, I asked to have some pieces mailed to me and they arrived yesterday:

The shades of color remind me of vintage fabrics.  This won't be my next project, but it's high up on the list.  I hope I can make my thoughts transfer to fabric in a meaningful way.