Monday, August 19, 2013

Our Very Own Doggie Wellness Center!

I've posted a few times about swimming with Seamus and how very much he likes it.  I've even dreamed of being able to have a "Doggie Wellness Center" where owners and dogs could swim together.  Up until now our pool swimming was limited to once a year on Labor Day weekend when our town pool opens to dogs and their owners.  Right after this hairy event, they drain and winterize the pool.

Back in the winter, son #2 (who lives within five miles of us) bought a house with a pool.  Prior to closing they had never even taken the cover off to look inside.  Fortunately, it turned out to be a beautiful and well maintained swimming pool.  As he was learning how to manage it he asked a lot of questions to the pool professionals about allowing dogs to swim in it and he decided to open it up to us for use with Seamus. 

So, this week, with our 12 year old grandson visiting, we made use of that offer:
We swam three different days.  Seamus loved it, as always and he seemed to actually move better after the water exercise.  He slept well, too.



  1. my dog can't stand a bath, but somehow she likes swimming

  2. He looks like he LOVES the water! My girls begrudgingly take a bath, but, I have never tried to see if they like to swim or not?

  3. What a wonderful time Seamus is having. I don't think that Ruby would be very keen, she doesn't seem to like the idea of water up past her knees.