Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Craftsy Block of the Month: August

This month's block is a two part block.  Appliqued flowers and leaves will be added to this in September.  You might think it's strange that I chose this flowered background, and I may end up regretting it, but I have this funny idea that it just might work.  I intend to actually add blue flowers (instead of the suggested red) and yellow/green leaves. If it doesn't work, I've had some good practice.  This piece used a turned applique technique for the basket handle.  Up until now I've only done raw edge applique.  Honestly, I'm not sure why or if the turned machine applique is better.  It certainly is more difficult.  Maybe I don't know enough about to machine applique to figure out why one would use this technique.  If any of you reading this prefer turned applique or have an opinion, please send me a comment.
I'm still not sure about the dark background on the tumbling blocks, As I look at the picture, though, I think the real problem is not just the brown background but the dark blue face of the blocks.  The dark color really gives the blocks depth and that's the main reason I chose it. Here's what I'm thinking this month - There are a lot of "fill in" pieces to be done including a lot of flying geese blocks.  If those are done with more brown and blues it might just even everything out . .....or plan B is just, remake the tumbling blocks with a yellow background.  And plan C is....make a smaller quilt out of my favorite blocks and use the others for different things.  Yes, this is definitely going to turn into a two year project.


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  1. I like your basket, Nina, and especially the background you chose. It's beautiful! I've never appliqued with a machine (I only have a straight-stitch machine) but I have appliqued by hand. I usually pin the edges before laying the piece onto the background, then pin it down in a few places to hold it. I'm sure hand stitching takes longer that machine stitching, though.

    I think using a dark blue for some of your geese will probably balance the dark blue in the tumbling blocks. It will be a lovely quilt.