Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sock Monkeys!

I had a new request from my great-niece (the same one who requested a zippered pouch a few weeks ago).  She now loves monkeys.  Since she's been corresponding with me via letters and texts she has loved owls, butterflies, mustaches (?!?!), and now monkeys.  I showed her a picture of a sock monkey and it was love at first sight.  One of her two brothers jumped on the monkey bandwagon and placed his request also.  And, of course you can't make for two and leave one out.  So these three are now traveling to the west coast:
They are each dressed for their owner and are holding one of my "hand knitted dishcloths".  The kids have chores for the summer to help keep them out of trouble so I sent along dishcloths and a letter of "adoption" explaining that the dishcloths are to help with their chores.  Not so sure how that one will go over.

Here's my sock monkey hint....  If you want to make more than one of these, you can buy red heel socks by the pound at this website.  They are seconds, but are fine for monkeys.  They come in several sizes and colors and there is no promise about what is in the package except that you order by color, so all the socks in the pound will be the same color.  So for the price of one pair of new socks I got enough socks to make seven monkeys.  Here's the whole gang (I stopped at six...I was monkey-ed out by then!)  The instructions are also on the same website here as well as kits and already made monkey.



  1. Love these! Bet you were tempted to stitch a Stache on one!

  2. What a lot of monkeys to make, Nina! These were popular when I was a kid (a hundred and fifty years ago - lol) and my aunt gave me one for Christmas. It had pompoms on the cap and I think around the wrists and feet. Mine also wore a little apron. I still have it. Many years ago my daughters and I happened upon a pair of red-heel socks at a thrift store. I brought them home but have never done anything with them. (They are not in my stray sock basket.) Perhaps I should look at the website you recommend and give one a try. I like your little guy.

  3. So cool! More fun than a barrel full of monkeys! Or in this instance, a chair full of them!