Thursday, July 25, 2013

Three Cheers for Baby Lock

Earlier this year I wrote a post about my Baby Lock sewing machine.  This past Christmas my husband bought me an Elegante machine.  This is one of their higher end machines with most of the bells and whistles including an embroidery module.  When I wrote the post it was early in our relationship and I hadn't had a chance to try out all the features.  (To be honest, there are still features I haven't tried!) We were getting along fine and I was slowly adding to my knowledge and skill on the machine embroidery front when I hit a snag.

I was working on a machine embroidered quilt in a Craftsy class and sailing along fine when suddenly (or so it seemed to me) my machine would no longer read embroidery files off of a memory stick.  Without that function I could only embroider the patterns that came with the machine and of course the files to complete this quilt were separate from that collection.

The fix was not straight forward and stumped the tech at my local store.  But problems usually show the true worth of a company and for me, Baby Lock and my local store came through with flying colors.  The local store replaced the part that was thought to be defective, but that did not fix the problem.  So after several calls by the manager to Baby Lock support I received a call directly from the company tech.  She asked me some more questions and walked me through a procedure that resulted in a complete fix.  She didn't rush me through the call, was personable, answered all my questions and provided me with a phone number where she could be reached if additional problems arose.  Even my husband who deals often with computer support people for several large manufacturers for his job was impressed with the level or support that I received.

So now, despite this problem, I'm happier than ever with my machine.

Thanks, Baby Lock!



  1. That sounds like the kind of customer service EVERYONE needs! I'm so glad you got it all worked out and can play with your new machine!

  2. A lovely looking machine, Nina, am happy you asked for help and received it so efficiently (doesn't always happen, hey?) now you can sew more :)

  3. So many companies forget how important customer service is. Glad they managed to fix your problem.