Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Few Small Projects

Here are a few other small projects from the past week or so.

I have a niece who requested a pouch with very exact specifications.  I had been wanting to try to make zippered pouches for some time so this was just the additional push that I needed.  I didn't take a picture of the first ones that I made, but I went on to make quite a few more experimenting with different materials and construction techniques.  Here are a few that I did get a picture of:

Then I got inspired to make this wall-hanging.  This has always been a favorite saying of mine and it seemed that making it totally out of scraps in a sort of primitive style with a "missing block" was the perfect fit:

Next on my list are a few sock monkeys.  The same niece requested a sock monkey and she has two brothers who also would like one.  I'm not entirely sure if the brothers really like monkeys also or if they just don't want to miss out on something that their sister is getting.  But either way, I hope to make up an entire sock monkey family if all goes well.


  1. I like making zippered pouches too, they're quick and easy to make and very satisfying to finish. I really like your wall hanging, it looks wonderfully primitive and rustic.

  2. Your zipper pouches are so fun, Nina. You did a beautiful job with them. It seems like the summer heat isn't getting you down at all: you are going great guns (as they sometimes say).