Thursday, July 18, 2013

Easiest Blanket Ever!

This week the project for Skirting the Issue is blankets.  These can be quilts or fleece blankets or anything in-between.  The tutorial provided be Simple Simon and Company (the organizers of this drive) can be found here.  Using just two pieces of fabric - one 30 inches square and one 40 inches square these instructions make a self binding blanket with mitered corners.  There is no batting involved so the result is light weight.  I used flannel on the back and cotton on the front and since I wanted to use this animal print and didn't have a 30 inch square of it I added the green print:
It was super easy to put together although I admit that at first I did the corners wrong and had a "box" instead of a flat blanket...but still, it was really easy.


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