Monday, July 9, 2012

More Applause for British TV

A while back I wrote a post about British TV.  I just feel the need to give this art form another shout out. The husband and I are become more and more attracted to these shows.  We've followed several through Netflix and are always disappointed when the series is over.  The funny thing is, that after one or two episodes of a particular series, we are often lukewarm about it.  But they grow on us.  We find ourselves choosing the British series over other TV options.  The characters become so well developed over the series and the plots are very carefully laid out.  The filming appears to be done in authentic settings rather than on sets.  If they ARE sets, they are outstandingly done!  And the scenery is beautiful.  Although given my experience recently when visiting London, I DO wonder how they find such nice weather in which to film.  To date we have watched and thouroughly enjoyed:  Downton Abby;  Foyles' War; The Landgirls; and presently, Doc Martin.  We only have one season of Doc Martin left, so I"m open to any suggestions for our next show!


  1. We're very lucky to have such good television here in the UK, but to also have access to the best of American TV. We can get Netflix now as well. Filming makes use of many of the wonderful historic houses, castles, towns etc that we have and I wonder how they're managing this summer. We don't normally have rain all of the time. Do you like detective fiction? Poirot and Miss Marple series are very good and so are the old Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett. The recent Sherlock's with Benedict Cumberbatch were outstanding too.

    1. Thanks so much for the suggestions! I'll be sure to put them on our list. I also read that they are filming another season of Doc Martin but it might be quite awhile before we have access to that.