Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More Pillows: Pirates and Owls!

I've been working on some non-quilt projects the last few days.  Our weather has been hot, hot, hot making outside activities almost impossible so I've spent more time in the sewing room.  My nephew and his family just moved across the country and I thought his three young children would enjoy something for their new rooms.  I made the backs out of a fuzzy fabric to add a little "comfort" factor if needed.
They were all fun to make....and a good experience in certain techniques.  I especially liked the chance to work in pink and purple - something I don't get to do too often!  And I've had the opportunity to use some features on my machine for the first time.

Our weather is cooling a bit so it's time for me to put some more time into the yard which will probably slow down my sewing output.  We also had a bad storm here last week with some significant property damage creating a parade of contractors and repairmen providing damage assessments and repair estimates all of which has really cut into sewing time!

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