Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More Lighthouses

I've been traveling a bit again, mostly to visit family.  This time while in New Jersey we continued the lighthouse theme started earlier this summer while at the beach. My brother has been the lighthouse fan but it seems that I may be following his lead.  Perhaps this is a "retirement" thing"?!?  In any case, I visited two lighthouses while on this trip.

East Point Lighthouse:  I found this one interesting because it basically looks like a house with a lighthouse attached to the top.  I've never seen this design before.  You can only go inside this lighthouse one day a year but we were able to walk around the outside.
Cape May Lighthouse:  This lighthouse sites at the very tip of New Jersey where the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean meet.  We were able to climb this one and got a great view from the top.  The area also has a lot of World War II history associated with it.  There is a lookout tower that was used to keep an eye on any enemy ships approaching as well as a defense bunker on the beach which was camouflaged and manned through the war years.
World War II lookout:  It's right in the center of the picture - a high tower, now dwarfed by the water tower.

World War II bunker:  I kind of wonder why the bunker was never removed after it was no longer needed.  I know it wouldn't have been easy to remove it, but it does take up a lot of real estate.

The rest of my trip was to the midwest to visit son #3 and of course, no lighthouses there.

So, I've just about caught up and am ready to dive back into some new sewing projects!

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