Sunday, May 29, 2011

Graduation #2 for 2011; #8 cumulative

Thursday son #3 graduated from Washington and Lee University.  It's a beautiful campus with a rich history.  In some ways it's a world unto itself.  He had a good four years there and truly benefited from the small close community.  He enjoyed fraternity life as a member of Sigma Nu and graduated with majors in math and science.  At the end of the summer he will be off to Ohio State for graduate school.
W&L holds their commencement outside so the weather is always a factor.  Thursday was HOT.  I had gone to the Baccalaureate Service the day before and sat in the hot sun until I finally decided to move to the shade rather than pass out.  Thursday we sat in the shade of one of the canopies.  It was still very hot but at least tolerable. The event is held on the lawn sandwiched between representations of their namesakes: the Colanade which has a statue of George Washington atop it and the Lee Chapel where General Lee is buried.

I didn't visit son #3 often during his four years at school but still I'm going to miss Lexington. It holds a special charm unto itself.  The tuition payments, however, I won't miss.  While this son graduated with twice the undergraduate debt of his brothers, he received a fellowship for grad school and should graduate with half the total education debt.

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