Saturday, May 21, 2011

Graduation #1 for 2011; #7 Cumulative

Let me explain.  I have three boys and counting their high school graduations, yesterday was the seventh I've attended for them.  Don't get me wrong.  I love seeing them attain life goals and only illness, injury or death could keep me away.  But honestly, I've decided that graduations are probably the most tedious of life's ceremonies.  We think of them as solemn occasions, yet seldom have I experienced one that truly was able to attain that atmosphere.  The room or stadium is filled with excited people, many of whom had a difficult journey to the event and most of whom are armed with cameras trying to catch the moment forever.  If it's outside, it's often hot, especially for the graduates wearing dark colored robes, or rainy (several years ago we had a torrential downpour during one of the outdoor graduations).  And the event is always filled with speakers who are usually difficult to listen to or have little of interest to say.  Each graduate deserves to be recognized and we all are there to hear the name of our own loved one called out.  We are focused on our offspring, but honestly, that is the extent of our focus.  So if your name begins with A, you then sit through the entire rest of the class after your child has had their moment.  If it begins with Z, you first have to watch all the others before you get the satisfaction of seeing your child handed his diploma that probably cost you more than the price of your house.

Anyway.....all my complaints aside, I was delighted to see son #2 graduate yesterday.  The day was not without it's stressful events.  I had to drive into Richmond and a city driver, I am not.  When I made it to the location of the event, the parking garage was full, so this required yet more city driving to locate a parking garage.  We (myself and his fiance) found one about four blocks away.  This required a walk through a less than desirable city to get to the venue.  I reverted back to my NYC days growing up where the survival tactics were: don't make eye contact, walk like you have purpose and maintain a death grip on your purse.  The ceremony was all I've come to expect from graduations and afterwards we went out to eat to finish the celebration.  I'm very proud of all my boys and I love the opportunities life offers us to celebrate their lives.....even if it means listening to boring speakers and battling city traffic.

Son #3 graduates Wednesday and Thursday (a two day event to extend the opportunity for memorable occurrences).  

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