Sunday, March 16, 2014

Whisper Block #3

I've finished the next whisper block for my local quilt guild.  In this project the first person chooses a picture and passes it to the second person who interprets it into a block and passes that block onto the third person who interprets the block into another block and so on.  Any technique can be used to interpret the block. In the end each person receives back four blocks related to the picture they provided.  They then incorporate these four blocks (made by four different people) into a wall hanging quilt.  This has been quite a challenge.  You can see the first two blocks here and here.

This month I received this block:
And I created this:
After I took this picture I did some trapunto on the outside picture frame which gave it a bit more perspective.  If it looks like the border is uneven that's because it is.  Again, I was going for perspective, but apparently you need to have a greater difference in the size of the borders to get the effect I was going for.  I didn't have enough of that border fabric to have another go at it.  Also, my block may come up a bit small because I didn't account for losing a little to the puffiness of the trapunto.
So, one more to go.  I'm anxious to see the blocks created from my picture and I'm already planning on how to put them together.  They will all be displayed at our quilt show in June.  



  1. great spin from the original design

  2. This is such a fun idea. The quilt group I belong to had a similar challenge last year, unfortunately before i joined. The results were fantastic, though it was a little difficult with some of them to see the progression.

  3. This is a cool idea! I am eager to see what you get back as well! You are really talented Nina!