Friday, February 14, 2014

Whisper Block #2

Remember my post about the Whisper Block project at my quilt guild?  Well the next block is due tomorrow (assuming the meeting isn't cancelled due to the weather).  I guess some members were a bit confused about the workings of this project because this month I received both the original picture and the first block (You are only supposed to see the previously made block and create yours from that).  In this case it didn't matter too much because the first person did a rather straight forward interpretation.  Here's the picture and the first block:
At least, I think that's the original picture.  In the same envelope was also another Christmas picture of a sled and a snow scene.  I'm guessing that the maker of this block thought she needed to choose another picture related by theme to this one.  In any case, since I was only supposed to get the block I choose to ignore that other picture.  This block is all applique but I didn't really want to go there, so I decided to make use of my machine embroidery module and came up with this:
So, two down, two to go.  This has been an interesting ride so far!


  1. I just giggled at that! The block you came up with, with the candy cane, and the palm/Christmas tree, and Santa in the background is too cute! Such a creative mind you have!