Monday, January 6, 2014

Celtic Solstice: The First Blocks

Bonnie Hunter revealed the layout for her 2013 mystery quilt on January first - three days earlier than expected.  I really like this layout, but you'll have to follow the link above to see the whole thing because I'm a long way from having my top finished.

I did manage to complete my missing step 1 before the last step was published:
And I've put a few blocks together in-between working on a few other projects:
This is the second mystery I've done with Bonnie.  I like the mystery idea and I like that it causes me to stretch a bit and improve my piecing skills.  While I always admire patterns with all these small pieces they are not ones I often choose to make on my own.  I've decided though that if she offers one next year and if I decide to play along I'm going to try to make it NOT scrappy.  I'll just buy yardage in each color and go with that.  While I often feel like I have too many scraps I always seem to struggle to find ones that I think will look good together and I end up doing a lot of second guessing along the know, like, "Is that green too light?  Is that orange piece too bright? Does that blue offer enough contrast? and so on."

So, I'm going to plug along on these blocks between other projects and hopefully I'll soon have a top to share!

I'm linking up with Bonnie today!


  1. You have made a great start on those blocks, I look forward to seeing your progress.

  2. It's looking good, Frances. For the same reasons you have identified, I tried limiting my fabric palette on this one and now I wish I had more variety. The quiltss with more variation in values seem to sparkle more than mine. Just an observation .....

  3. Nina...I think your eye for color is great! These units look spot on! Please tell me I am not losing my scrappy buddy???? LOL