Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The 1600 Quilt: Add this to my list!!

 I stumbled onto this pattern from one of the mystery visitors to this blog.  It's called the 1600 quilt pattern and you can read about it at this site.  Apparently someone searched for this quilt and in that strange way that search engines work, my blog was one of the hits.  Anyway, this is a neat way to make a quilt using an entire jelly roll of fabric and a quick construction method.  I definitely want to try this! 
     Mystery readers......check it out!!

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  1. We are happy that people are enjoying the Jelly Roll information. Recently we have received quite a few questions on resizing the quilt for different uses, there is some brainstorming going on to provide a quick and easy way to utilize the pattern and adapt it to different sizes.