Sunday, April 22, 2012

Snowman Pillows

Since I'm not quite ready to jump into another quilt, I wanted to finish up a few small projects that I had been thinking of for awhile.  I had planned to make a pillow with the scraps from the snowman quilt.  As it turned out I decided to make two pillows.  My recent pillow projects have taught me that the most fun way to do these pillows is to let the project lead rather than to have the whole thing planned out in your mind.  My favorite pillows have been the ones where I only plan one step ahead.  For example, with these pillows, at first I was set on using the white fabric for the back because I had the most yardage left of that and I sort of consider the back as just a functional rather than a design part.  And since that was "planned" from the beginning I just went with it.  But in the end, I wish I had used a different fabric in the back and so on the next pillow (on the left in the picture) I used the same fabric on the back as on the front and was much happier with the results.  I also learned that flannel is woven much looser than cotton making it a bit more difficult to construct into a pillow.  I would make my seam allowances larger if I worked with the flannel this way again.  These will eventually be gifts for some of my snowman loving friends.

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