Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Return of the Hummingbirds!

We moved into this house in the fall of 2003.  Shortly thereafter we noticed hummingbird activity and became almost addicted to watching the delicate birds circle and feed on flowers around the house.  I went out and bought several varieties of feeders and put them all around the house near windows where we could watch them.  We had daily activity at all the feeders.  The next year I was excited to again watch their activity and put the feeders out once again, but there were NO customers.  Each year I put out at least one feeder hoping to attract them back without success.  BUT last night we were sitting outside in the evening and noticed several birds flying around the patio area and stopping to "check us out".  This years feeder had fallen down a few days ago and I had only recently put it back outside.  I was thrilled to see the little hummer visit my feeder!  In fact I was so excited that I went inside and hung yet another feeder.  He hasn't taken a liking to the second feeder.  It may be too close to the window for his comfort.  But he has returned faithfully to the first feeder all night and again this morning and afternoon!  There appears to be about three birds.  They take turns at the feeder and fly off together to visit other areas and circle back again to us. 

What a nice little gift at this time of year when summer is waning!  I hope they stick around for awhile and make this an annual stop.

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