Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fair Trade Sewing

I haven't linked with Lily's Quilts Small Blog Meet in a long time, but this month I'm going to join in the fun.  So, if you've wandered here from Lily's place, "Welcome." and "Nice to meet you!"

I mentioned in a previous post about Son #1's new adventures in retail.  He has been working on the structure of his new booth at a local farmer's market.  He hopes to set it up on a fair trade model and have a variety of sewists contribute items for sale.

So far I've made him a sign:
 Some pot holders:
Some pillows:
Some placemats:

And a few zippered and drawstring bags:

This was the "new stock".  He sold out of some items in the first batch and had a few requests so that determined the items in this batch.  I'm anxious to see what sells the next time around.

It's been fun to have something to work on together.  It can be difficult to find things to enjoy together with grown male offspring so this has been a great activity in so many ways. And it's nice to have reasons to use other features on my machine like decorative stitches and the embroidery module.  My quilt output has suffered a bit but it has been a lot of fun to work on this stuff.


  1. I hope your son does well. Good for him

  2. what a lovely idea, what ever made him think of it? Thanks for sharing

  3. Hi I found you via Lily's Quilts small blog meet up great to find and follow your blog :-)

  4. You have made adorable items that are very practical. I hope things go well. Enjoy your time with your son. My son lives too far away and I don't see him often.

  5. it is awesome that you two are working together on this great idea! And kudos for being the dad who raised the kid who cares and wants to give back!!

  6. You have been busy, Nina! You've made some beautiful things. I hope they sell well. How did you decide prices?

    My daughter and son-in-law sell vegetables at a farmer's market during the summer, but this coming weekend the market is adding a craft sale. I told her that I could have added some things for them to sell had I known earlier. Maybe next year.