Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Country Threads Block of the Month: November

I'm still managing to keep up with the Country Threads Block of the Month.  I think this was the most difficult block yet.  You can see that the small one is way off on the bottom left corner, but I was ready to be done today.  Perhaps I'll go back and redo that corner later.  Some, or several of my measurements were clearly off:

I had some extra time to play with possible sashing colors this month.  So far I've decided that I DO want to use sashing and that it should be a dark color.  I had these three colors on hand and thought I'd give them a try.  Most of the blocks look good on the navy, but a few get lost because they have dark pieces on the outside.  The same can be said for the green and the red.  I had a new idea - what if I framed each pieces in one of these three colors using the one that contrasted best with that particular block?  Or would that just end up looking too busy - exactly what I was trying to avoid by using sashing in the first place?  Please, let me know what you think.  I'm looking for some input here.  These next two pictures look the same, but I switched the blocks around a bit to see them on different colors:

Maybe it would help if I primarily used one of the colors switching out only when that color was clearly a poor match for a particular block.  Or perhaps I should just stick with the green and the blue?  I'm anxious to hear other thoughts.


  1. I know you probably want to use something you have on hand, but, I still say black or charcoal gray would be absolutely charming on this quilt. The blocks have that primitive kind of feel.

  2. Nina, I'm not sure which ones you think get lost in the background. Even if the background of a block is dark, the bright pattern stands out. Of the colors you have up there for background I like the navy best, but I agree with Kevin's idea about black. Or maybe brown?

    Your two new blocks are gorgeous! I love brown, and brown and red together. I can hardly wait to see this quilt finished. It makes me wish I'd stitched along this year.