Sunday, October 20, 2013

Train Art

The other day I was stopped at a train crossing, and as I watched the freight train go by I saw this through the drops on my rain soaked windshield:

I kind of like the impromptu artwork.  Train cars are a bit drab and ugly.  We don't have any passenger trains that run through my town so I don't know how common a practice this is on passenger trains or how I would feel about artwork on them.  And I don't get around all that much.  The first time I traveled somewhere that required a passport was two years ago.  So I'm asking my readers to help broaden my horizons.  I have two silly questions:
1.  Do passenger trains get tagged also?
2.  Is this a worldwide practice or more of an American culture thing?

My inquiring mind wants to know. 



  1. I wonder how the train guys felt about it

  2. We certainly see train graffiti on our trains, as well as on other surfaces. The powers that be seem to be fighting a losing battle against it; I reckon if it's pretty graffiti they should just leave it be. Look at Banksy, his work is worth thousands now. We read not so long ago that about 80% of Americans do not have a passport, so you're now in the minority that do.