Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Beach Report: Part One

Well, I survived my man-cation.  It was sort of a working vacation, but not because of the "man" part - because of the "grand children" part.  I might have made that harder all around because I suggested that we have a TV free week.  That led to some problems later in the week when the weather did not cooperate.  I watch my fair share of TV, but I've found that often the grandchildren just have the TV on even when no one is looking at it.  The constant noise and distraction sort of drive me crazy.  And since declaring some TV okay while other TV is not just leads to debate, a blanket "no TV" rule seemed easier all around.  At first the ten year old was totally on board declaring that he didn't watch much TV anyway (yeah, right).  But when the reality of no TV coupled with a closed beach due to high winds and rip tides became evident, he had second thoughts.
The red flags flew Thursday through Saturday.  The winds reached 30mph on some of the days making even sitting on the beach or screened in porch unpleasant.  High tide reached all the way to the bottom of the sand dunes.  In all my visits to the Outer Banks of North Carolina I have never seen waves like this.  We usually vacation in the fall and I've come to the conclusion that the weather is actually better in the fall than in June.  Since neither the husband nor I feel like we have had a proper beach vacation this year, we've reserved the same house for a week in September.  It's our turn for some good weather!

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