Monday, September 12, 2011

The Fish Quilt is Finished!

I've finished the fish quilt and it is boxed and ready to send to my step-son. 

As with every other quilt I've made, there were many lessons in this one.  Most importantly I learned that I need to be more careful when cutting stripped fabric on the bias for the binding.  I ended up with cuts going across the stripes in two directions.  I also need to find a neater way to apply the binding.  I'm not real pleased with how that turned out.  But, otherwise, I think it came well.  Some of the features sort of developed along the way.  I decided to add a Pig Fish:

a yellow fin Tuna:

and a Marlin.  The marlin is an iron on patch.  It was a late edition because he caught his first Marlin after I had pieced the top of the quilt:'s the back:

So, on to the next project which I think will be the cuddle quilt. 

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