Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cuddle Quilt - Done!

I recently wrote about purchasing a Cuddle Quilt kit while visiting in Indiana.  Well, I finished it in about two days.  I was originally attracted to both the fabric and the method used to construct the quilt.  The fabric is a very soft fabric and it is put together using a strip method.  Turns out that this is not a new construction method, just new to me.  You attach each strip to both the backing and batting and the previous strip so when you are done there is no further quilting to do (although I've seen these done with traditional fabric and people have added additional quilting).  All you do is add a binding.  It seemed like a nice method to use when your quilt focus is primarily the fabric - for instance if you are using a novelty print.  Of course I learned a lot (as always) while making this quilt.  First of all, the adhesive is not as easy as the instructions make it seem.  The fabric itself has some stretch to it and the advise to use 1/2 inch seam allowances is important to make up for the stretch and the nap and be sure that you are catching all the layers.

So here it is:

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