Sunday, October 26, 2014

Puppy Pictures

We visited the pups yesterday and got some nice pictures to share:

Honestly....I AM sewing.  This is just so much more interesting right now!!


  1. LOL at your 'honestly I'm sewing ...'
    Aren't they cute? I want one ... not sure Nell would be too pleased though!

  2. aww they're so cute. I never pass the chance to play with puppies.

  3. AAAaawww. Puppies. I don't blame you for being preoccupied. They are so cute!

  4. They are cutest, roly-poly-est little puppies I think I've ever seen, Nina. Adorable! Lucky you. I think you should forget the sewing and play with the puppies. It's the same for puppies as it is for children: they don't stay little for very long. Enjoy!